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Meet Owner & Professional Image Consultant,
Stacey Perryman

Allow your expertise to take center stage with a powerful, professional image, earning you the respect and career success you deserve.

Most people start businesses because they’re skilled in a specific area and feel their knowledge could benefit others. While I certainly have the skill, I created Uncover U Image Consulting because I am you. Yes, the woman working in corporate who found her footing (and voice) after getting fed up with a frustrating career plateau. 


There was a time when I allowed my introverted nature to prevent me from contributing to essential conversations when it counted. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my silence gave my colleagues the perception that I was weak or incapable, which was far from the truth. I didn’t use my voice because I was not comfortable speaking out when my extroverted colleagues commanded the room with their communication styles. As a result, others began to question my expertise and promotability. I had to do something to change my circumstances. 


Instead of walking away from a company I loved, I chose to reinvent myself. I used my professional wardrobe as a strategy to draw colleagues and leaders to my personal space, where I felt comfortable communicating my expertise. Before long, company leaders began to trust my knowledge, assigning me projects with high visibility. As I continued to show up looking and acting as a leader, I soon received the promotion I was rightfully qualified to receive.


Today, I have over 20 years of experience under my belt working in corporate as a Project Manager. I understand corporate politics and know first-hand how creating a professional wardrobe can build an executive presence that translates into advancement opportunities. 


That’s why I merged my work challenges and love for fashion into a viable solution for other women in business needing a career boost. Corporate women often feel disrespected and undervalued when passed over for promotions when their work history shows above-average performance. If this is your story, you don’t have to accept it. 


Let’s take your power back, starting with the clothes in your closet!

My Promise

To teach corporate women how to create an interchangeable wardrobe that comfortably fits their style personality and functions well for their lifestyle.

My Mission

To show corporate women they can use their wardrobe as a powerful tool to achieve career success.

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I was promoted to a new role, and I wasn't sure how my wardrobe should match my new conservative style. So, I reached out to Stacey - the sharp dresser she is - to help me determine a style that would work for me. 


After only one consultation, I learned a lot about my body type! I realized I couldn't wear any color or pant style. She recommended a black wide-leg trouser suit that was perfect! Next, she recommended the best shoe heel type and color. The accessories selection was a breeze once I purchased the pretty pastel-colored blouse. Since I was limited to one suit, she taught me how to coordinate multiple blouses and a sweater with the same pants.

Stacey was very easy to work with, understood my needs, and accommodated my window of time. I will recommend her services to all my fellow colleagues. 


Thank you, Stacey, for bringing the inner fabulous out for the world to see!"

- Rona, IT Solutions Specialist

A Little About Me…
  • I love outdoor activities like zip-lining, biking, and skating.

  • I’m a part-time AVON representative (beauty and fashion go hand in hand).

  • Once upon a time, I was a fashion model (go figure!)

  • I swam with dolphins while vacationing in Roatan, Honduras.


Now, let me get to know you!

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