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Enhance Your Executive Presence


You’re finally at a place in your career where the opportunity to advance to a C-suite role is imminent. Though exciting, you understand the change in status will come with more responsibilities, commitments, and even more eyes on you. Despite time constraints, you understand the time is now to enhance your executive presence. This package is sure to give you an effortless yet dynamic wardrobe that solidifies your place as a leader in the company.

The Enhance Your Executive Presence package includes:

  • (1) 30-minute consultation to discuss your typical workday, your regularly scheduled meetings, and networking events.

  • 60 days of personal style support via voice and email.

  • A Body Measurement Assessment to determine the style best for your body type.

  • A personalized analysis of clothing that best fits your body type.

  • Up to (20) specific outfits assembled for all your business functions.

  • Professional hair and makeup recommendations aligned with your style.

  • Suggestions on how to modify your business wardrobe for virtual meetings.

  • Recommendations to transform and enhance your wardrobe through the power of accessories.

  • (2) 30-minute follow-up sessions to answer questions or discuss concerns.

Your Investment: $697

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